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Summary: Dio takes the other kids from the Silvana snooping through his sister's things, while Alex has a painful reunion with old friends.

Warnings: None so far

Disclaimer: I do not own Last Exile. If I did certain people would have gotten much happier endings than they did.

Clause, Lavie, Alvis, Tatiana, and Alister talked quietly as they made their way to the hospital sector. The Silvana would be heading out in a few days to assist in the loading and protection of Exile and they would be leaving with it as couriers and fighters. They had decided to take the day and visit with Sophia and Alex for a while. They had agreed it felt strange to leave the two of them in the guild city, But Sophia had her duties as Empress, and Alex hadn't recovered enough to return. No one was sure if he would.

Mostly however they planed to spend the day with Dio, who was also being kept in the hospital. Even Tatiana agreed Dio was the most difficult to leave behind, especially as they had made a point to visit him when ever possible. The episodes with "Scary Dio" as Al had dubbed the moments when he reverted back the mind scrambled state Delphine had caused had greatly lessened since he had first been found. He had gone in a manner of days from not being able to speak of Lucciola (who's loss had been another harsh blow for the Silvana's crew) to speaking to Lucciola as if he was still there. When pressed about Dio would just sigh and smile, or sometimes role his eyes. "Of course I know he's dead, That doesn't mean he's stopped listening."

They had decided it was just Dio's way of coping with the loss, The doctors were far more concerned. As it was, he was hardly ever without supervision of some sort. Especially with the "Blood Rose Army" the terrorist loyalist to Delphine. Even though most had been driven into hiding in the wastelands of Disith, protecting Dio from them was a top priority of the guild.

This is why it took them several moments to realize Dio had just passed them, heading down the hall in the opposite direction.

"D..Dio what are you doing out here!" Claus sputtered when they caught up with the boy.

Dio smiled widely. "I was talking to Lucciola about him being dead, and I remembered the Delphine is dead too. So I realized I can do something I always wanted to do! I can go through all my sisters stuff and not get into any trouble at all! Isn't that great! You can come too, it will be fun!" Dio was beaming at them when he finished.

Tatiana's eyebrows drew together in confusion. "Their letting you do this on your own? Without guards or anything?"

Dio grinned at her shaking his head. "Don't be silly of course not! Actually, if they keep to the schedule they've been using they won't even know I'm gone for another ten minutes. We'd better hurry! " Dio turned and ran down the hall.

With little more than a glace of confirmation the children split up, Claus, Lavie, and Alvis following Dio while Tatiana, and Alister ran to the hospital section as quickly as their feet would take them.

In Delphine's elaborate chambers, while waiting for the others to arrive curiosity had gotten the better of Lavie, and she stepped into what had to be the biggest walk in closet she had ever seen. It took up more space than the hanger of the Silvana. Her mouth gaping at the amount of clothes Delphine had owned. Behind her Claus stood at the door of the deceased Maestro's room watching for Tatiana, and Alister, or a doctor. Dio was tearing through one of the many intricately decorated jewelry boxes with Alvis. The girl gasped in delight as he pulled out a delicate looking silver necklace with diamonds and sapphires in it.

"Did your sister actually wear ALL of this stuff?" Lavie asked pulling out a midnight blue silk dress in the stile an Anatoray noble woman would wear.

Dio frowned a bit thinking for a moment. "I don't think so. For Delphine the point was really to just have what no one else could, even if it never got used. Some of it she might have worn once. Most of she never wore at all."

"What an awful person." Lavie thought putting the dress back and walking over to join Dio and Alvis. "What are you going to do with all this stuff?" She asked picking up a small jewel encrusted tiara she though looked rather silly.

"Those." Dio said glaring at a case of large gold and silver rings of various designs. "Are going to be destroyed. As for the rest of it...well Sister would never want anyone else to have any of it so I'm going to give it all way! It's all really expensive, so even if people don't want to keep it they can sell it and get lots of money for their families or something."

Lavie smiled, despite what had happened he was still definitely their Dio. She looked over at Claus. "Is anyone coming? It sure is taking a long time."

"I don't see anyone. Tatiana, and Alis may have stopped to see Alex, and Miss Sophia, but a Doctor or guard should have been here by now."

Dio jumped up, and practically danced over to the door throwing his arms around Claus making the boy jump. "But Immelman, the Captain, and Her Majesty aren't there. They stopped to visit me this morning before they left and said they were going to Exile today. The Captain was very quiet. He looks really awful with all those bruises doesn't he?"

Claus and Lavie looked at each other suddenly feeling embarrassed. Claus attempted to escape Dio while Lavie ran her hand through her hair. "I forgot they were going to do that today..."

Any further thoughts on the subject were forgotten when Isis appeared looking irritated and flustered followed by an elder guardswoman and a young guardsman. Tatiana and Alis followed close behind and gaped at the luxurious rooms just as Lavie had when they first arrived. Dio squeaked when he saw the woman and tried to hid behind Claus to no avail. "Lord Dio! I'm very disappointed in you. Not only have you caused considerable panic, but should something have happened your friends would be in danger as well."

When they looked at Dio his head was down and he was scuffing his feet along the carpet. "Yes Agoge Actias, I'm sorry Agoge Actias."

Tatiana, and Alis joined a now somewhat confused Claus, and Lavie. "Sorry it took so long." Alis whispered. "Dr. Actias sent Isis to get his wife before we came down here. She's the one who trained Dio and Lucciola to fight. The man is her son Atlas."

For the next few moments they tried to distract themselves from Dio getting scolded. "The next time you decide to go wandering about you will inform someone."

"Yes Agoge Actias....Do I have to go back now?"

The woman sighed pinching the bridge of her nose. "Of course not they wouldn't have sent for us if you were just going to be dragged back to the hospital. Carry on with what ever you were doing."

Dio immediately brightened and went back to the jewelry boxes.

"Um..Miss Actias? What does 'Agoge' mean?" Claus asked looking at Isis in confusion.

"An Agoge is a trainer of the guild fighting arts. Mother is currently one of the head Agoge of the school. Atlas is training to take her place when she retires."

Mrs. Actias walked over to them and smiled. "My name is Andrea. Thank you for looking after Dio, I'm afraid with everything that has happened I haven't had enough time for my own children let alone a former student." Andrea turned to her daughter. "We'll be standing guard outside the door. Let us know if you need anything."

Isis nodded, and Andrea turned and left, the door closing behind her. Dio had already dragged the rest of the girls into going through things with him. Tatiana made a face as she lifted a particularly gaudy necklace out of another jewelry box. Alis and Lavie were in the closet again.

When Dio handed him a box so heavy he nearly dropped it with a cheery "Here, Immelman go through this one!" Claus sighed, and set the box down to start on the task. "So much for a relaxing visit.” He thought, but he smiled. It seemed Dio would be ok after all.

The chair worried him a bit, you couldn't call it a wheel chair. There were no wheels, it just hovered about a foot and a half above the ground. There was a panel of controls Luna had showed him how to use before they left. Alex had decided to leave it alone, and just let Sophia push the almost weightless contraption where ever she wanted. He was still waiting for something to go wrong.

Sophia had decided to show Alex around the city while they waited for Vincent, and the ship that would take them to Exile. They had paid a visit to Dio at breakfast. They were both certain the boy was already up to something, but the morning had passed without incident. Once out of the hospital everything had been a maze of rooms and halls he's paid little attention to. He'd finally met Nestor, he could see why Sophia held so much respect for the man. The Disith commander already seemed more of a father to her than her own had ever been.

At the moment he was on board the Silvana, waiting for Sophia to get back from retrieving something from her room, and watching Mullin's unintentional revenge on the mechanics. He had asked them to watch the younger siblings of the Disith girl he had met. The moment Mullin and his Disith girl ‘Dunny or something, he'd have to ask Sophia what the girl's name was again.’ had gone out of ear shot chaos had broken out. Now the men were panicking trying to get control of the situation.

"What in the world is going on here?" Sophia asked watching the children run amuck, followed by grown men who should know better.

"They're babysitting." Alex answered, enjoying the unexpected entertainment.

"And, your just going to let this continue?" Sophia raised a quizzical eyebrow at him.


Sophia sighed, but had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

When Vincent finally made his appearance a few moments later he was nearly run over by Dunya's little brother. "Whoa! Careful you about took my knees out. What's going on?" He asked when trying not to laugh himself when he got to Alex, and Sophia.

"Mullin asked the mechanics to watch his girlfriend's little brother and sister. I think they regret saying yes now."

Hearing Alex's answer Vincent looked at Sophia who just shrugged. "Is the ship ready yet?"

Vincent nodded. "We can go any time you're ready. I'm glad they're distracted, I hate coming aboard here. I feel like everyone wants to beat me up."

"That's because they do."

Vincent glared at Alex. "Thank you, for confirming my paranoia...”

Alex looked at the old vanship feeling like he was going to be sick. "They’re both still inside?" He asked his voice barely more than a whisper.

Sophia nodded."With everything that has been going on coffins for them haven't been a high priority."

The ship had been taken from the wall it had been embedded in and placed in a storage room, securely strapped to the floor. Vincent had set a step ladder against the side and was at the top looking in. He climbed down and walked over to Alex, and Sophia. "Are you ready to see them, Alex?" he asked.

Alex looked confusedly at him before looking at Sophia. "How exactly am I supposed to..." He was interrupted, confusion turning to shock and embarrassment when Vincent picked him up out of the chair. "No, Alzey put me down right now!"

"Vincent! You could have at least warned him first!" Vincent rolled his eyes grinning, though Sophia was glaring at him, and Alex was managing to look both horribly embarrassed, and murderous at the same time. "How else are you supposed to get up there? I promise I won't drop you, cross my heart.... You need to eat more, I swear the heaviest thing about you is the cast on your arm." His companions continued to glare at him.

"Fine." Alex practically growled at him. "Lets get this over with, and if you drop me I'm going have you shot out of a cannon."

Vincent grinned wider, about to comment of the red tint to Alex's face when Sophia reached over and pinched him hard. Ow!..Alright, alright." He walked over to the ship and climbed up slowly, being careful of the extra weight he now carried. Alex was still as possible face still slightly flushed, and anger still very apparent.

When they had gone high enough that Alex could see inside he turned his head to look. His anger immediately forgotten, the color drained from his face. Strapped into their seats, mummified during the years spent inside the climate controlled star ship, and still very recognizable were Hamilcar Valca, and Georges Head. Alex stared for only a few moments before he turned his head unable to look anymore.

"You want down now?" Vincent asked softly. Alex nodded unable, or unwilling to speak. He was shaking more than he had in the short time they had spent out in Disith's frigid climate. When they reached the bottom Vincent was startled as Alex suddenly shifted his weight, and before Vincent could stop him tried to stand. "Alex wait! Don't!"

As the captain's legs immediately gave out on him Sophia rushed forward catching him, knocking them both to the floor. With a string of curses that would have surprised most people who knew the man Vincent was on his knees beside them checking to see if they were alright.

Alex propped himself up on his good arm and looked at Sophia, his eyes desperate. "What happened to the message tube?"

Sophia and Vincent both blinked, before the Empress smiled sadly in understanding. "It was still there, Claus and Lavie have it now."

Alex pushed himself up into a sitting position hissing in pain as he did so. He kept his face toward the floor for a few moments thinking before he turned to look at the vanship again. He stared at it and mumbled something to himself. Vincent was getting increasingly worried as Alex still hadn't told them if he had been hurt in the fall. "What? Alex are you.."

"They made it.. They made it across." Alex turned looking at them again for the first time in years somewhere between laughing and crying. When the tears began to fall Sophia pulled him into her arms, holding him as the sobs shook him. Vincent not knowing what else to do sat beside them placing a hesitant hand on his friend’s back, as he was finally able cry for the first time in ten years. For the two who had been found, for the one who never would be, and perhaps for the one they had left behind.

Author's notes:
according to Wikipedia, Agoge is actually the term the Spartans used for the training of young boys and men, I couldn't find a term for trainer/teachers. I suppose you could consider this a fictional example of how words change meaning over time.

Everything that happened in this chapter was originally supposed to happen in the last one. This was supposed to be only four chapters long '-_-... This chapter had a different ending too. I really liked how this turned out though.

The part with Alex and the vanship is an idea I've had since re-watching the series last summer, and was one of my main motivations for writing this story.


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