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Her Four Seasons

Tasogare no Hime

Disclaimer: I do not own Scryed

Warnings: Ryuhou/Scheris if you don't like it, don't read it.

Summary: Ryuhou's thoughts on Scheris throughout the year.


 She stretches enjoying the sun during the brief respite from work. The day is irritatingly hot to him but she seems un-bothered by it as she converses with Urizane about their current assignment.

Moments later when the heat seems unbearable she appears beside him with a cool drink.
Perhaps it's not so bad.


Laughing she jumps up to catch the falling leaf as it drifts through the chilling wind, it's to dry however and crumbles in her hand. Undaunted she reaches for another as it passes by. This time she succeeds.
She smiles as she holds the brilliant red leaf up to him.
"It matches your eyes"


Cheeks rosy red from the cold she stands impossibly still face toward the sky as the pure white flakes drift down to kiss her lashes, and melt against petal pink lips.
A serene smile she's in her own world, he envies the snow.
"You'll catch a cold standing out here like this"
She finally looks at him and gives a bright smile.
"I'm Fine" and then she sneezes. He almost laughs.


The pale pink sakura lands in her hair as they rest beneath the old tree.
On an impulse he closes his book and picks it out. Laughing softly she reaches up to brush out the many pink petals that have landed on his own head. He hands her the sakura, she smiles as she takes it.
"This is my favorite time of year."
He nods and thinks, Mine too.


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