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aerith, alex row, alex rowe, alex/sophia, alex/sophia/vincent, alex/vincent, alternate universe, anime, ansem the wise, ansem the wise/riku, ansem the wisexriku, ansem/riku, ansemxriku, art, books, cartoons, cats, cooking, crossovers, discworld, disney, diz, diz/riku, dizxriku, drawing, fan fiction, fanart, fanfiction, ff, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 7 doujinshi, final fantasy 8, final fantasy crossovers, happy endings, harry potter, hatori x ayame, hatori/ayame, hatorixayame, hatoyame, hiko seijuurou, himura kenshin, kamiya kaoru, kenshin fanfiction, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts crossovers, kunzite/zoicite, last exile, leonxriku, namiku, namine, namine/riku, naminexriku, okami, painting, peacemaker kurogane, photoshop, rainbow brite, remus lupin, riku, riku/namine, rikuxnamine, ruoken fanfiction, rurouni kenshin, rurouni kenshin fanfiction, ryuho, ryuhou/scheris, ryuhou/sherrice, ryuhouxscheris, ryuhouxsherrice, scheris, scheris adjani, scheris/ryuhou, scryed, sesshomaru, severus snape, severus/remus/sirius, severus/sirius, she-ra, sherrice, sherrice adjani, shounen ai, shounen-ai, shounenai, sirius black, sleeping, snape/black, sophia forrester, sophia/alex, sora/riku, soraxriku, sorcerer hunters, souma ayame, ss/sb, vampire hunter d, vandread, viciousxgren, video games, vincent alzey, vincent/alex, voltron, yaoi
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